Tuesday, September 26, 2006

knitterly pics!

now for knitty pictures

the zen sock:
i love LOVE the color of these! they are so squishy and soft and lovely.

and the progress of the second one:

these are clay stitch makers that some girl made and sent to me:

and cutest one ever:

the never ever EVER ending baby blanket, i have been knitting on it constantly since yesterday when i woke up.
bernat's cottontots yarn

this is a new line from paton's... sws is what it's called. stands for soy wool stripes, which is what it is. :D i think i will see how it knits up and it will probably be a "my so called scarf" moi! it's pretty, looks like noro, i think... but it's SO SOFT! much softer (and less expensive) than noro too.

Now starts the yarn i got the other day at the yarn store for HALF OFF.

this is malabrigo wool, it's for carrie's fiance. he took one look at brooklyn's hat and wants one. this is much softer than the lamb's pride. i got this for 5$.

more malabrigo, this is for a "my so called scarf" for derek's sis in law for xmas. again 5$ each... a STEAL for this yarn. that paton's yarn up there was more than this yarn at half off! i heart this yarn and i haven't even knitted with it yet.

this is katia mississippi sock yarn, this color makes it look all poop green, but it's more of a lime green. yay socks!

i cast on a hat for nicholas:

here is some of the softest yarn on the planet. blue sky cotton, i bought this in DC this summer. it will be a hat for me when i find the perfect hat pattern that i want. until then, i keep it in a bad and take it out occasionally and pet it. it is that soft, no kidding.

i have had this since earlier this year too. it's cascade 220 wool, it's for a felted bag as soon as i get around to knitting it. i actually forgot i even had this yarn until the other day. :D it's a purple and blue heather. i bet it makes an awesome bag.

this is some knitpicks yarn... mainline is the type... i dont know what it is exactly... probably cotton and something else... i have some kind of cotton addition if you haven't been able to tell yet. i thought i would use this for some baby sweater or something, but it's not machine washable... and i am under the understanding that is a pretty important thing that mom's look for. eh?

here is the hat i knitted for my cousin's baby, it's 1824 cotton... bleck, never again knit with it, too nubbley. cute hat tho.

random yarns from any where from walmart to target to ac moore... to who knows where.

one day i will get the mason dixon dishcloth pattern and make some dishclothes:

the finished pair of fetchings, please ignore short fat fingers, i dont think the armwarmers help that.

in action:

this is blown out, but i couldnt figure out how to fix it but you can see them all and all the cable-y goodness

ok , god that's is all! you all probably think i am insane! :D off to (where else) my knitting group! :D

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Those things look lovely, very nice :)
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