Sunday, February 06, 2005


I thought I would start this blog because I am in need of something to divert me from what I was trying to do. Which is find a stupid knitting pattern of a SIMPLE bag for a beginner. Blogging and the internet I know alot about. Knitting not so much... I have made several scarves. But the other night, Kevin, my roommate, was making fun of me because that's all I make. So therefore, the challenge has been set and I have to make something else.

And I really do want to make other things, but when I read's all just swirls in my head. I learned how to purl today. I have been knitting since.... hmmm, September maybe? And just not getting the guts to learn to purl. It wasn't hard either.

I started on a bag about an hour ago... I was doing it in stockingknit stitch... but it's all curly. I supposed I would have known that before started had I read the next page in my book. So now I am trying to decide if i want to rip it out (again) or keep going. Which is why I took a break from it and am trying to find a simple pattern for a simple bag... not a big bag, just a smallerish one.

ok back to my searching, I suppose.

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