Thursday, May 19, 2005


I had forgotten all about my lil blogspotter thing here. I wrote my first and only entry at the beginning of february. So much has happened since then.

When I first started this, I was anxiously awaiting the end of February to come. In June of 04, my boyfriend moved to LA and we broke up, but he was scheduled to return at the end of February. Well I flew to LA and drove all the way back across the country with him to Tennessee, where we live. We are back together now and happy as I have ever been.

Right before he returned, we had the talk of talks. We figured out that I love him more than anything and he loves me the same. And the way that makes me feel is undiscribable. No words can tell you what my heart feels when I look at this boy. So he came back and we are going to make a go of life.... together.

We are both currently looking for jobs anywhere in the USA... we dont really care where we live as long as it's not FL and there is a graduate school near by that Derek can go to. I work in television right now... in tv production acutally... but would love to get into any form of media. Derek has a degree in Digital Media and a degree in Geography. He wants to work in cartography or GIS stuff. Hopefully soon one of us with get the job and we can get the heck out of this podunk town.

I am going to go for now. I am going to work on my knitting before I have to meet Derek for lunch.... I promise to be back and write more. I have another online journal somewhere else that I write in daily, but this would be a good way to meet more people.

Later, poops. :D

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