Friday, May 20, 2005

I need a motivator.

I am wishing I was still in bed. I will probably never sleep late again. Stupid medicine. I did sleep til 10 am this morning, which is 1 hour later than what I usually get in.

I had to work late (til 2 am) last night at the tv station.... we were having some bad weather, so the meterologist had to stay and do live cut=ins so that means some of production gets to stay too. And you cant do tv with out production.... no matter what the talent might think. I really needed the overtime anyways, and Derek was already in bed... might as well take advantage of it.

Man, I have absolutely no motivation again. I need to do dishes and really I just dont want to. But I dont want to do anything but sit here and stare at the computer or knit. I need to pick up the computer room too, I think every pair of shoes I own are in here. I need to balance my check book... and I am afraid. LOL. I need to also look for jobs today too so I dont have to hear Derek bitch about it later.

But today is Friday. I am off the weekend, not even on call! Whoo hoo! And we dont have a single plan in the making. I feel like I haven't seen Derek in days, so this weekend will be good for us to hang out and maybe I'll get laid. ;-)

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