Sunday, May 22, 2005


What is the deal? For the last 3 months, I have not been able to sleep past 9 am. And now all of a sudden, today I slept in til 11 am!! Yesterday I slept til 10! It's crazy. I am not whining tho... although, it feels like now I am missing part of my day. Which before when I was sleeping til noon every day, I never felt like I was missing part of my day. LOL. I suppose you get use to the extra hours.

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day. Had the most awesome Po' boy shrimp sammich for lunch, went to the movies and enjoyed Star Wars, Ep. 3. Then to the grocery store and Derek made chicken curry for dinner and we watched the All-Star Nascar races. Took Pdog to the park and then went to bed.

Star Wars, Ep. 3....go see it. I'm not a hard core fan, but it was just a really good movie all around. Derek liked it and he's a star wars geekoid. They even let us take our drinks from outside into the theatre... that was wierd. LOL. We went to a matinee... I think I love going to those much better than the movies at night. For one, it's cheaper... but I like coming out of the dark theatre into the blinding light and still having most of your day left to do whatever.

Tracy just called me. Ethan is crawling!! :D He's 8 months old now... I think. Yeah 8. I dont konw when babies start to crawl, but I know that Nick was so fat as a baby he skipped crawling all together mostly. And I know that when I was a baby I was WALKING at 9 months... but Brooklyn didn't walk til her first birthday. So I dont know... maybe he's right on time LOL. I have to get over there and take some pictures of him... or video, even better.

My mom is having a partial hysterectimy tomorrow.... she's pretty nervous and she's going to be out of work for 6 weeks. I think me and Tracy and the boys are going to go down there next weekend. I really really dont want to... I hate going down there with a passion. And I dont know if I should make Derek come with me... I might could, but really I dont think I will unless he just really really wants to come. Because that would be 5 extra people, eh... too much going on. I hate for him to have to be alone all weekend tho. That would suck. But I dont know, I have to be the good daughter and go tho.

Well I need to go get dressed, I think we are heading to ertown to see derek's parents and grandparents and partake in some chinese buffet.... all I can say is that there better be crab raggoons on the buffet or heads will roll :D

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