Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Knitty Knitterson

yah, i'm a knitting... I finished my mom's scarf yesterday... only one day after my goal! So lets see... I started it on Mother's Day... and that was.... May 8 and finished May 30..... hehe 3 weeks and one day. lmao. I am a slow knitter. But I dont have alot of time to knit either... I will have pictures of it soon, it's so big I need help taking the pictures. Maybe I will get Derek to help me tonight on my dinner break. Derek likes it... says its very soft and it reminds him of his favorite polo shirt.... have I mentioned lately that he's on crack? LOL...

So now I started a hat. It's a easy ribbed pattern... so hopefully it really will be easy and not ugly too :D The hat I am doing now is just a test hat... for no one... just to see what it's going to look like with the yarn I am using and how the size is going to be. The pattern says this hat should only take 2 hours to make. Hehe... so we will see how long it really takes for me to do it. LOL... pshh... 2 hours. yeah right. I am on row 4 now however. :D

Ok so those two paragraphs were just super exciting, huh? :D I'm waiting on Derek to come home for lunch... mmm bbq sammiches again! whoo. Ok I am about tired of the bbq... hopefully it's all gone today and we can move forward in our lives with other foods. Last night we went to Ruby Tuesday's for a semi surprise party for Derek's sister in law... that was fun... spent money we shouldn't have spent tho. :( Someone made a yummy cake for her too. I wish I had another piece. It was a huge cake tho, I should send Derek back over there for more tonight LOL... they will never eat it all. :D I want ice cream too. good ice cream...ooh a banana split! YUM... can you all tell I am hungry? where oh where is derek!?

Eh, I need to clean the house so terribly bad. It looks like a tornado just landed downstairs... it's because I didn't do a single thing this weekend as far as cleaning ... other than the fact that Derek did a load of laundry. So that means that I am going to have to get my ass in gear and clean. I dont want to tho. Who ever does? It's no fun.

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