Monday, September 05, 2005

I Give.

Hat Of Fugly Yarn: 1

Tammy: 0

It wins I lose. Or maybe it's the opposite... maybe I win, and it loses because I frogged it today. I cannot work with that yarn anymore... I am going to finish up the scarf... another 5 inches maybe? Then it's over. No more, no more! I give.


rogueknitter said...

Chin up! It's pretty much impossible to knit with yarn you hate. Also, you've been tagged for a meme. The questions are on my blog, The Rogue Knitter.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Tammy, I just got your comment. All of my patterns are on the right side of the screen on my blog, all those boxes are links to PDF files with free patterns in them. Enjoy! Sockbug

Anonymous said...

Not a problem, LOL! Which sock are you wondering about? The Lava Flow one is kinda red and yellow striped. Sockbug

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm with you now! It's just a plain sock, no stitch patterning. It's made from Knit Picks Simply Stripes yarn, which makes the colored stripes when you knit it. Sockbug

Anonymous said...

Okay, try this website for beginner sock instructions. Socks 101 I cast on 64 stitches to fit my foot. There's lots of good information at the Socknitters website, too.