Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kinda Disappointing.

I came home from work last night with it set in my mind that I was going to knit up some baby hats. An anchor at work is 6 months pregnant and wouldn't it be cool to have a few things knitted up for her... no problem! yeah right.

So I was so dead tired last night... but did that stop me from sitting in my living room floor with yarn that was supposed to be a scarf for me, and make baby booties?? Nope. They are cute, and they were not hard at all! I am learning!!!! what a concept! lol.

So today, I start the beginning of several baby hats. Well I only had one hat pattern... a 2x2 rib... so I thought, easy! I will just size it down and go with that as one of them. Well I spent all day on it... going back & forth in my brain if it was going to be too big or too small. So finally, I bind off and sew it up the back.

le sigh. So it's currently being blocked on an onion. Too Small. Way Too Small. I know a smelly onion isn't a good thing to block it on, but really it wasn't too smelly and I will probably never meet anybody with a head that small. poopy.

So I found a cute little hat pattern on the internet. Seed st for a few rows then the stockinette st for the rest. Easy, peesy. But crackhead me, didn't pay any attention what so EVER to the needles it called for. I was going back & fourth in my brain again for about 4 rows of seed st. .... "hmmm this looks BIG, cant this be right?" So in my 5th row of seed st, it hits me.... wrong size needles, dummy!

So it calls for 3 mm and I am using 10. Huge difference, much?? Such is my life, people. But! There is a slight upside. It seems it may be able to fit my sister.... and it's in the color that I was going to make her a scarf anyways. So from newborn baby to 25 yr old sister.

Oh well.


Becky said...

hey girl,
the mental picture of someone with a head the size of an onion gave me a good laugh!
hope you're doing well--miss you!

Kemma said...

I'm laughing at the onion head, too. I might have tried for a grapefruit.

And... um, yeah. 3mm and 10mm are just a WEE bit different. I've got a good baby hat pattern... somewhere.
(heh. I typed 'baby hate pattern' at first. I suppose if you use the wrong needles all the way through, that's what you'd get)

Nikki said...

Found you from kemma's blog. :)

I figured out a baby hat pattern by searching for head circumference growth charts on the net and finding out the average circumference of a newborn's head (I opted for above-average size because this kid's dad is 6'8" tall...the kid is bound to be big)....then did a gauge swatch and figured out how many stitches to cast on. I did a 2x2 rib for an inch, then garter stitch until it was 5" long....then decreased for the top (*k5, k2tog* across, purl back, *k4, k2tog* across, purl get it) and seamed it up. It turned out newborn-sized.

And now that I put it that way, it's quite possible that I have WAY too much time on my hands. ;o)

But it worked!!!