Saturday, October 08, 2005


About forgot about this thing. I went to a knitting group on Thursday, that was so fun! I am still on the baby stuff kick, but mainly because it's just been slow going. I just haven't been that interested in making that stuff now. It's just boring.

This is what I want to make.
Opera Scarf

And also thinking about making this:
Cape May

But eh, we will see... first off have to get thru this baby stuff... so far I only have one hat, booties, and a bib. Need more than that. Ok, later.


Kemma said...

Oh! Hey! Uber code goddess! How did you get your little picture in your profile? I've got a love/hate thing going with the Blogger-bot, now. We've graduated to "sticking pictures directly into the blog entry" with only a few hiccups, but the whole "Add a picture to my profile" thing is sucking major hairy donkey balls.

Kemma said...

ryn: Yeah, I can do that, no problemo, except that snapfish photos have these gargantuan urls, and it has to be <64 characters. And doesn't work, because it has to have a .jpg extension. Rats.

sparkli said...
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