Monday, February 06, 2006

ribbit. ribbit.

so yeah, i ended up frogging both that scarf i was working on for my sister and the hat i was doing for me.... it was too much. i hate homespun. i will never spend my hard earned dollars on that crap ever again... no matter HOW pretty the colors are... no more! lol.

i ended up getting some other yarn from hobby's so pretty! but i am doing the my-so-called-scarf pattern for my sister... i have only ripped it out 4 times... but i think i am on a roll now and have about 10 inches or so done on it... it looks SO GOOD!

i keep promising pictures... but i have just SO not been in the mood to take crappy pictures with my crappy camera. seriously my tolerance for crappy technology is getting really really low. so yeah... no promise of pictures... i mean i will take one when it's done... so no worries there.

ok later, poops... off to knit and chat. what a combination! :D


Laura said...

Hi there! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Do not be too impressed with the knitting socks thing. It's not as hard as it might appear. And once you start, the only hard thing is stopping! :)

I am so with you about the Homespun. I can get totally sucked in by the colors and the price, and then when I am knitting with it I want to scream. Splitty, bunchy, etc. Argh!

Kemma said...

ryn: Uh oh. Is there a problem seeing the pictures in my blog? They show up just fine in my browser. I wonder if it's a firefox thing? I should go look at it on a different computer with a different browser.

Mary said...

Homespun is an evil temptress. It LOOKS wooly and wonderful, but it's just horrible acrylic. I hate acrylic. Since before I started knitting, I hated acrylic sweaters, which fool you into thinking that they'll stay looking like how the looked the day you bought them, but then immediately become covered with ugly pills. The only acrylic yarn I might ever be able to tolerate is the microfiber acrylic that I think Lion sells. I'll bet it still pills, though.