Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh Lordy....

Man I have not updated my poor knitting blog since Oct. 29th... how sad!

It's not like I am busy or something ... because I totally am not. I am knitting... Right now i am working on a scarf for my sister in some yellow Homespun. *bangs head on wall* I swear on a stack of bibles, after this scarf is over, I am never EVER using Homespun ever again. I dont care how pretty the colors are or how inexpensive it is. Never AGAIN. I hate it... stupid bunching up yarn.

I am also working on a hat for myself... it's Homespun too... gah, I suck... I know. But PRETTY colors... I cannot help myself. The hat's not so bad because I am mixing it with a boucle yarn too. Light blue Homespun and hot pink boucle. It's not going to match anything I have ... but, WHO CARES??? :D Not me. :D

I am in a local stitch n bitch knitting group here in Knoxville... but eh, we just had a huge influx of new members... which is GREAT! But they are just wanting to take over and move the location of where we meet and stuff.... Which we do need to add some days and times... and we will... but it's just they way they are demanding we move the group miles in one direction that's not suitable for everyone else. There may be a new group in the making soon... for them.

I will come back and post pictures of my stuff just as soon as I get some pictures taken. I have had a hurt foot for about a month and half... you would think that the amount of time that my butt has been on the couch, I would have FO after FO... but nope.... i am slacker.

Ok that's all for now... poor poor blog, I wont ignore you anymore!!

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