Saturday, May 20, 2006

long time, no blog

*puts hand over heart*
i promise to start writing here more.
poor bloggy.

ok knitty stuffs.
i have since finished that scarf for my sister. only took me 40 days. my new thing is trying to knit faster and more often. to bad real life gets in my knitty way alot.

I am currently working on a jaywalker sock.
forget "second sock syndrome", i can barely get my first one done. i swear, i dont understand how i can get 3/4ths done with something and totally lose interest. especially when i want these socks so bad. the next one is going to be on circs... i am too slow on dpns. way too slow. but anyways, here is a picture of the sock as it stands right now.

since my waning desire to knit this sock, i have started another "my so called scarf" for some quick instant gratification knitting. it is for a friend. this yarn is so light and fluffy. i think if i could touch a white fluffly cloud, it would feel like this scarf. i heart it.

sorry for the fuzzy picture... i need a new cam. but other projects on the mind is a felted bag from stitch n bitch, and some freaking leg warmers... soon! :D i wish i could knit at work. that would make all this easier. ;) hehe

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KnitPastis said...

Jaywalker is looking very good. Yes, you need to blog more often!