Saturday, June 10, 2006

ok, ok. called out!

broke my promise, i suppose. but i will update now, because i have things to update about! knitty updates are fun and good.

so yeah, my jaywalker. haven't touched it. not a knitted (or slipped) stitch knitted (or slipped). i am just torn about what i should do. what should i do? what would YOU do? this is not going to be a pair of socks that i will be able to wear. they are just going to be too tight. i love this yarn, it's so pretty. but that's alot of work. but can i give away my first pair of knitted socks? should i just make them for someone else? that way i would atleast work on them. or should i rip it all out and knit some other sock pattern? i dunno.

ok but what HAVE i been knitting you ask? socks. hahahah. socks for my nephew tho. i realized that he has smaller feet, which in turn needs smaller socks... so include bigger yarn and bigger needles to the party and you are rockin' some socks.

so socks for toddlers (he's 2) are hard to find.. you got KIDS socks and you got BABY socks. i found one pattern that said toddler so i casted on. ok, they were going to be too small, so i ripped it out and did some figuring (oh the math! instant headache!!) and sized up the whole pattern to something that would work, esp. if i fudged it enough. so now they will fit my nephew... but not the intended one, the 2 year old. they will fit my 4 yo nephew instead. oh well.

ok a picture, you have read this far.

i finished this sock today... would have finished it yesterday, but me and the kitchi stitchi were not friends... i was actually 15 minutes late to work because of this sock yesterday. but today, with new and improved directions, i ripped back past the toe decrease and started over. and it was successful (mostly, minor surgery had to happen) but i casted on the other sock and got started on the ribbing today before work (not late today, yay!)

why cant knitting be relaxing for me??? why? lol.... does matter, because of this.

finished product:

loverly, eh? i loved that yarn. best 10$ i have spent at jo-ann's ever. so soft and lovely. i hope katy liked it, i haven't heard from her since she recieved it, but she has much more pressing things going on in her life right now. :( i just hope it gives her a smile sometime.

ok there's your update. hopefully i wont wait so long next time. lol SMOOCH!

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