Sunday, July 30, 2006

what's been going on the needles lately.

ok... first garment ever, people! this is so easy's the anthropologie inspired capelet. i knit it for my bestest friend in the world, carrie.
check it (right side):

Wrong side:

And finished:

i also ended up making one for her daughter too:

brooklyn should be able to wear her's for a long long time if she wants... it's barely blocked and has a lot of stretch still in it. i think they are so cute!!

Remember this sock??

i finally just ripped it allllll out the other day. it was huge mess of knots that took me 5 days to unknot. it was just too small and i will go up a size in the pattern and try again. yay. lol. took me long enought to make a decision, eh?

right now i am working on a baby blanket for my sister's best friend (it's a boy!) and reading the yarn harlot's newest book. i am so tired of knitting boy stuff. i need a friend to have a girl baby so i can buy all the pretty purple and pink yarn. i am tired of blue. :D

oh and i ordered some un-dyed sock yarn and will dye me some red dark cherry socks tomorrow on my day off from work. i am so excited about that. so very excited. :D

that's all, poops!!

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